Well-Paid Maids

Living-wage home cleaning.

We give our workers a living wage and comprehensive benefits.

They give you a dazzling, professional cleaning like no one else can.

We give our workers a living wage and comprehensive benefits.

They give you a dazzling, professional cleaning like no one else can.

A cleaner wipes the interior of a kitchen cabinet.

A cleaner way of doing business.

We’re a living-wage home cleaning company deliver­ing excellent service to our customers while provi­ding our employees with the comp­ensation, security, and dignity they deserve.

Two cleaners cooperatively put fresh sheets on a bed

Livability for you and us.

Well-Paid Maids cleaners are trusted employees, not anonymous contractors or temporary gig workers. We’re proud of our employment structure, and are freely transparent about its details.

Do I need to be home during my cleaning?

Are your staff vaccinated? What about masks?

What’s included in a cleaning?

Cleaning products, including a sponge, glove, cloth, and bottle of all-purpose cleaner

Products that are safe for the planet, for your family, and for your pets.

We maintain strict standards for every product we use. You can rest comfortably in a home that was cleaned ethically and safely—and smells great, too.

100 Isn’t a Magic Number, So Why Is It Part of the Vaccine Mandate?

When the Biden administration announced an upcoming mandate that employees be vaccinated or tested regularly at companies with 100 or more employees, business leaders responded with a barrage of questions. Among smaller companies, one loomed especially large: Why 100? It’s an appealingly round, easy-to-remember number, and it captures a broad swath of the American work force. President Biden estimated that his order would apply to 80 million employees and cover two-thirds of all workers.

A living wage made a world of difference to him

Nishad Sayem, who now earns $18 an hour, was able to stop working two jobs and invest more time in taking care of his disabled father. CNN’s Vanessa Yurkevich reports on the debate over raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour.

A housecleaning business with an additional mission in mind

“I had this idea kicking around,” said Seyedian, who like me is a Washington-area transplant from Upstate New York. “It is important to recognize in some way that there is a policy failure, which is that people don’t make enough money to live on. Business was a way to barge in and try to correct that.” Well-Paid Maids pays its cleaning staff $17 to $19 an hour, which is well above the national median of $11.43 for house cleaners and the D.C.-area median of $13.12. Staffers also get 22 days a year of paid vacation.

Crib inside a child’s nursery
Living room and kitchen of a house

Well-pleased customers.